La llei de Lassus

Get Bak (Catalonia)

La llei de Lassus


What awakens within us when we listen to music? Why is it the even in our weakest time it gives us the strength to get up and move? It’s the “Llei de Lassus” (Law of Lassus), and we want you to experience it with us during 60 minutes. Classics of Hip Hop and Funk mix with 14 dancers on stage creating an explosive dance style that looks to fill you with energy and new sensations.


  • Director: Nil Fruitós
  • Performers: Leïti Sène, Marcel Sandé, Laia Jorba, Anna Jorba, Julia Puig, Raquel del Rosal, Ugo Boulard, Albert Morancho, Arnau Ros, and Nuria Beltran
  • Music: Harysafu Cruanyes, Daniel Castillo, Sergi Pujol and Nil Fruitós
  • Scenography: Júlia Puig
  • Lighting: Albert Andreu and Oscar Delgado
  • Production: Varium Espai de Moviment and cia. Get Bak

L'Escorxador (Pati)