Maure el dinosaure

Teatre Nu (Catalogne)

Maure el dinosaure


Martina is a brave, red-headed young girl. Maure is a large, blue dinosaur whit white spikes. They are best frieds who are inseparable. They share games, dreams, and adventures. Sometimes they also have to face complicated situations. Through this show, you’ll get to meet them.


  • Author: Víctor Borràs
  • Director: Víctor Borràs
  • Performers: Francesc Mas and Maria Hervàs
  • Music: Oriol Canals and Dani Ferrer
  • Scenography: Plancton - Joan Pena
  • Production: Maria Hervàs i Marta Gràcia
  • Notes: Puppets: Plancton - Joan Pena / Distribució: Maria Hervàs i Marta Gràcia
17:00 19:00

Espai Cívic Centre