Ulterior viaje

Tiritirantes Circo Teatro (Castilla y León)

Ulterior viaje PREMIERE!


A visual and delightful parade about three time travelers and three amazing creatures of up to five meters tall that inspires and fascinates audiences through the streets. Professor Copérnico has designed a time machine and travels with his disastrous foreman, a marvelous birdwoman and the three dragosaurus that are endlessly curious about their new surroundings. The six will astonish everybody with their own funny skills, walking on a giant tinplate ball, air acrobatics and even allowing kids to ride on the tallest creature if the dare!


  • Performers: Jacinto Alonso, Oscar Ortiz, Marta López, David Olalla, Angélica Gago and Enrique Mejía
  • Scenography: Regue and Drpeke.com
  • Vestuari: Nestor Alonso / Making-up: Rebeca Rueda
  • Production: Titirantes
  • Notes: Photography and advertisement: Luís Marino Cigüenza / Video: ABH

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