L’Ornet vol cantar

Inspira Teatre (Catalunya)

L’Ornet vol cantar


Two explorers, a coward one and the other full of curiosity for everything that surrounds her, have made a wonderful discovery: a new species! This is how we will know the history of Ornet, a bird that has a great desire to see the world and sing in the choir of The Great Melodious Tree. But he does not sing well enough to pass the access test. Despite all his efforts to improve, he does not find the right method or the person capable of accompanying him in his learning. So, with a broken heart and bound for failure, he decides not to sing anymore and to go to the furthest place he knows. But then, in this flight, his true learning begins.


  • Author: Inspira Teatre
  • Director: Bàrbara Bécker
  • Performers: David Anguera i Esther Westermeyer
  • Music: Mònica Samit
  • Scenography: Martí Doy
  • Vestuari: Raquel Eme
  • Lighting: Guillem Rodríguez
  • Notes: Titelles: Martí Doy
11:15 16:30

Espai Cívic Centre